Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oreo Races Or Important Life Skills

Young people are smart, funny, and you can learn valuable life survival skills. You need to pay attention or these opportunities will quickly pass you by in a blink of an eye and then life will be quite boring. You may find yourself with one lonely Oreo. Most people would eat it like this and the sweet pleasure will be gone in an instant. You will be left searching for more when yet there exists another solution. Observe an example that occurred on a recent Youth Outing. They tried to call it Oreo races but I knew it was part of Life Skills.

You start by twisting it in half and you would think that would be it. I know, I know you want to start licking that creamy middle. But observe a life changing technique that will always give make your Oreo last much longer and you will work off some of those extra calories making it good all around.

Start by sticking half of the Oreo on your forehead. As you can see here it helps if you give it a sneer and let it know who is boss. Those of you with freckles will have the upper hand as you will look so good wearing your Oreo.

Then you need to stretch your lips and get them limbered up because at some point they will get in on some tasty goodness. Just in case the Oreo decides to end it's fate early you will be ready to catch it before it hits the ground.

Don't forget to stick your tongue out at it and call it names if it doesn't cooperate but be nice.

Of course don't forget to give the Aargh I'm a pirate and I am going to get the treasure smile!

Back to business and sheer determination

Ahhhhhhhh - success! Nothing to it - Look ma no hands

So next time will it be this.......

Or this? Important life skills is all I'm saying!

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  1. Very cute :) She will definitely put those skills to work once she gets out into the mean old real world.

    (I'm Rebecca...I found you via Compassion Family)