Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Poverty I Am Released

I have traveled a little and have seen some challenging things. It was the Compassion Bloggers who first introduced me to Mathare Valley in Kenya which infiltrated my senses and begged me to do more. I hope to stand inside Mathare one day but for now have only seen it from afar. Why would someone want to go to such a place when you could choose to travel many other all inclusive destinations. But this destination holds some treasure for me in the names of Florence, Daniel & Ruth.

Ruth is the newest member of my extended Compassion Family and lives in Mathare. Her smiling face came to me only a few days ago and we have yet to exchange letters and get to know each other and build the relationship that God has for our families. I do know she has been waiting since December of 2011 for a sponsor. This week during Compassion's blogging month we are to write a letter as if we are the sponsored child to our sponsor. So until I receive my first letter from Ruth I will imagine it is from her with sprinkles of Florence and Daniel mixed in.

Dear Sponsor I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please enjoy my poem as a gift to you.   Mathare Valley, Kenya, my home, is a harrowing, dangerous place. But with God and you dear loving sponsor, I know you see my face.

This 8x8 we call our home made of cardboard, wood, and metal tin sheets.
Is where I wake at four to make the fire and roll up the mats where we sleep.

On my way to school my eyes feed my thoughts and what is this I see?
Thick sludge rotting garbage infested streams they are surrounding me.

The tiny narrow path I walk between refuse and decay.
Off this path and beyond I do not want to stray.

I can hear the music drifting out of every bar and brothel I pass.
The voices taunting me to come inside make me hurry onto class.

I know my Mum tries her best to sell Samosas in the market every day.
She works and toils endlessly making less than a dollar - is this okay?

Then here they come those daily lies that whisper in my ear.
You are no good, and never will be. they could be right I fear.

It is then that I arrive at school and reach into my pocket.
I have your letter in my hand and my thoughts soar like a rocket.

I see these visions dance and spring as if straight from my heart.
Those things that being sponsored brings right from the very start.

We now have a doctor, food, and school and an almighty God.
It is enough I need no more He takes me in even though I'm flawed.

My dreams and hopes beat back the dark and go beyond the lies.
Doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse I could be any of these come the cries

I know I'm loved by Mum and sis and thank my God it's so.
Yet there is but another one that loves me this I know.

It is someone I yearn to see and hope some day I can.
It is you dear sponsor, yes it is, I hope it is in God's plan.

For now I fix my thoughts on God and trust His perfect peace.
And jump for joy and shout aloud from poverty I am released.

Please pray that I will be clever in my education.
- Ruth

If you want to see children who have been waiting the longest to be sponsored click here.  Maybe you could find it in your heart to start a relationship with someone in Kenya then click here.  We only have until September 30th to reach the goal of 3108.  As of Monday there have been 2006 sponsorships!  That means at least 4012 lives will never be the same.  Let's finish strong - please click, pray, sponsor and help us reach the finish line!

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